Epsila Bio is developing a novel immunotherapy to suppress metastasis and activate host immune responses for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer

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Ovarian Cancer Ribbon

Each year, ovarian cancer is diagnosed in nearly 300,000 women and causes 185,000 deaths globally, with the highest mortality rate of all gynaecological cancers.

Most women are diagnosed with advanced disease, when cancer has already begun to spread throughout the abdomen and the majority of patients will recur despite current available treatments.

  • A unique type I interferon, IFNε, is found almost exclusively in the female reproductive tract, expressed constitutively (unlike all other interferon family members) and protects against infections
  • Strikingly, IFNε expression is suppressed in ovarian cancer patients Restoration of IFNε by intraperitoneal administration into an animal model of ovarian cancer shows dramatic reduction in tumor metastasis
  • Epsila Bio is developing IFNε as a potential therapeutic to limit metastatic progression of ovarian cancer

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